University-Wide Strategy Process

At a higher level, the Board, the Executive Board and the Extended Executive Board of the University are responsible for developing the University of Zurich’s strategy. Within the University of Zurich, the university-wide strategy process is coordinated by the General Secretariat.

In addition to the UZH Mission Statement, the strategic development of UZH is guided by 10 Strategic Principles. These principles were developed by a working group of the Extended Executive Board, and approved by the Board of the University. They will be reviewed every 10 to 12 years. Every four years, using the strategic principles as a starting point, the Executive Board of the University formulates specific aims and measures and sets out a priority program for UZH.

The Executive Board of the University will also meet separately with the deans of each faculty to discuss strategy twice a year in fall and spring (in total 14 meetings per year). These discussions serve to ensure that an ongoing strategic exchange takes place between the Executive Board of the University and the faculties, and are also preparation for the Executive Board’s annual development and financial planning meeting. They are also an important element in the third cycle of evaluations.